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Loving Daisy Cocktail Lounge

The timeless allure of Art Deco design converges with expert mixology, inviting you to savor crafted cocktails in an atmosphere of unrivaled sophistication & glamour.

logo: Loving Daisy Cocktail Lounge
Step into a world where every detail tells a story. Inspired by the opulence of the roaring twenties, Loving Daisy Cocktail Lounge is a celebration of the rich heritage of Art Deco design. Our founders, passionate about both history and craft cocktails, envisioned a space that seamlessly merges the past with the present. As you walk through our doors, be prepared to be captivated by the striking geometric patterns, luxurious materials, and bold color palettes that define our Art Deco aesthetic. Each element is meticulously curated to evoke the grandeur of an era that embraced both elegance and rebellion.

Our highly skilled staff pride themselves on transforming the finest spirits and fresh, locally sourced ingredients into masterpieces that tantalize your taste buds with a focus on light herbal and balanced cocktails utilizing elements of stone fruit, flowers, and herbs. From classic cocktails with a modern twist to innovative creations inspired by the Art Deco movement, every sip is a journey through time and taste. Our attentive and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to ensuring that your evening is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or a novice, we’re here to guide you through an unforgettable experience.

Join us in raising a glass to timeless elegance!

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Creative Cocktail Experiences ™

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