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Demure Cocktail Lounge

A Victorian-era haven of sophistication, where opulent décor, intricate woodwork, & a curated cocktail menu invite you to savor the elegance of a bygone era.

logo: Demure Cocktail Lounge
Indulge in the luxury of the Victorian era with our meticulously crafted libations, where every sip tells a story of elegance, refinement, and timeless sophistication. Peruse our meticulously designed menus, adorned with ornate fonts and illustrations reminiscent of the Victorian era. Discover a curated selection of cocktails, both classic and modern, with a nod to the historical libations that graced the tables of the past. Indulge in our house-made syrups and bitters, infusions of traditional tea flavors with a touch of floral sophistication, that capture the essence of the era and delight the palate with unexpected twists and flavor combinations.

In addition to our cocktail selection, Demure Cocktail Lounge boasts an impressive array of English, Irish, and Scotch spirits, showcasing the diverse range of flavors and styles found in these venerable traditions. Patrons are invited to explore the depths of whiskey with our Irish Charms and Scotch Sensations flights or savor the botanical complexity of our handpicked selection of English gins.

For those seeking something truly unique, our mead on draft offers a taste of ancient history in a modern setting, while our carefully curated wine list features a diverse range of varietals and vintages from renowned wine regions around the world, chosen to complement the flavors and profiles of our Victorian-inspired cocktails.

Demure Cocktail Lounge invites guests to immerse themselves in the charm and elegance of the Victorian era, where every drink tells a story and every sip evokes a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. Cheers to a journey through history in the most delightful way possible.

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