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About Pikeld Concepts

Pikeld Hospitality offers investors, partners, clientele, executives, and patrons the opportunity to select from a variety of Speakeasy Concepts. Pikeld Hospitality launched its first concept, Amendment XVIII Cocktail Club, in the Westhaven Community in Downtown Franklin, TN Sept. 2021.

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The business was created to address the new challenges and move with the changes the hospitality industry faced and continues to face post-pandemic. Our goal was to address an industry need for creative cocktails by creating a hospitality business with a reduced physical footprint, fewer full-time employees, and appropriately priced goods that, when combined, create diverse, innovative menus, all in spaces that do not need typical buildout costs. Reflecting the popularity of comparable concepts in trendy cities like New York City, San Francisco, Austin, Miami, and our local Nashville, TN, we are well-positioned for future growth. With our innovative approach to real estate options, efficient business model, and a rotating menu offering creative cocktails and food pairings, we provide myriad options and opportunities for our concepts to live and grow with the space, staff, and season.
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Pɪkəld Concepts

Creative Cocktail Experiences ™

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